Doberman Pincher
Doberman Pinscher
31 Μαρτίου 2018
golden retriever
Golden Retriever
5 Μαΐου 2018



The Boxer is a medium sized,
smooth coated, sturdy dog of compact, square build and strong bone.
His muscles are taut, strongly developed and moulded in appearance.

His movement is lively, powerful with noble bearing. The Boxer
must be neither cumbersome nor heavy, nor light or lacking in body

The Boxer should be fearless
self-confident, calm and equable. Temperament is of the utmost
importance and requires careful attention. Devotion and loyalty
towards his master and his entire household, his watchfulness and
self-assured courage as a defender are famous. He is harmless with
his family but distrustful of strangers. Happy and friendly in play,
yet fearless in a serious situation. Easy to train on account of his
willingness to obey, his pluck and courage, natural keenness and
scent capability. Undemanding and clean, he is just as agreeable and
appreciated in the family circle as he is as a guard, companion and
working dog. His character is trustworthy, with no guile or cunning,
even in old age.

Height at the withers : Dogs : 57-63 cm.
Females : 53-59 cm.
Weight : Dogs : over 30 kg when height at withers is ca 60 cm.
Bitches : about 25 kg when height at withers is ca 56 cm.

FCI-St. N° 144 / 09.07.2008

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